Nasty...but it works

6:49 PM

So I'm sick as shit....walking down the hallway to class....and I take a sip out of my Buckley's bottle - and I hear some chick scauff to her friend, "Ewww....did you see that guy drinking a bottle of Buckley's!"

1) Clearly I wasn't downing the whole bottle...idiot
2) What the F does it matter how I ingest my Buckley's?
3) Your stupid

I wanted to stop and say read the label bitch...'It tastes awful...and it works'....but I was late for class...and I think she was in one of my other classes.

Buckley's is officially the only medicine that works for me....everything else is a farce.



KING said...

it actually does work, but tastes like rotten pine needles. and i bet that chick was in ivey.. puke.