Fuck Swine...stick with Bovine

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Don't eat this.

Because of this.
So instead, eat this.


Matt & Kim : Lessons Learned

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Matt & Kim vid new vid....strippin down in NYC.

p.s. Kim kinda looks like a man in this...woof.

Wild Bill...

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Meet Wild Bill.

But his name is actually Mike...and this is what he does when he gets wasted (off 4 beers).

Get help Bill (Mike).

Official start of spring/summer/good times....

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No weatherman needed. Vans with no socks is all you need to see to know good times are coming....

Dark was the night LIVE!

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So you may have read my post a while ago about how amazing the album 'Dark was the night' is, and heard a few teasers on the widget on the right hand side ------->

Anyways...super pumped cuz I just found out (a little late) they are doing a live show in NYC (Radio City Music Hall) on May 3! bahh

A bunch of the stacked artists on the album will be performing: Feist, The National, Grizzly Bear, My Brightest Diamond, Bon Iver, David Byrne, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Dirty Projectors and Dave Sitek. They are going to play the songs from the album, but will also perform some collaborations which should be super nice.

By coincidence I was already planning to be in NYC for May 4....I'm definitely gonna try to push that up so I can make this!!!

Pumped! Anyone joiners?


Symphonie Fantastique

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One of my favourite minutes in classical....turn speakers loud, skip to 2:50 and listen until 5:00.....super evil and chilling, its great.

Definitely my theme song if I were a killer.

Intense sports

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Most intense sporting finale ever...especially cuz of the music.

Smolik @ Echelon

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Smolik show at Echelon...check the live mural. Amazing...dude is super talented. www.smolikdesign.ca

Lykki Li + Bon Iver Live in LA

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Two of the best right now...amazing

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Mad skills...watch

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Bruce lee does ping pong w/Nunchucks

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I thought Forest Gump was good at ping pong....but Bruce Lee takes it..

Type Nesting

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Do birds have a favourite font? Check Type Nesting...

Fill in the blanks

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This is what my schedule looks like for summer:











....long story short...if your going somewhere good over summer...call me and i'll join.


never enough Shuggie

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So summer...


Shitquake in Italy

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So you probably heard about the earthquake in Italy...turns out it was really close to wear my fam lives...and where my house is!! (star is where it started...blue thing is my house)

My house is like a 40 min drive away from where the epicenter of the quake was...and we didn't really know if it was felt in my town. And these houses are all old rickety stone houses from like 300 years ago...pretty shaky.

Turns out everyone's cool...but my cousin told me they are sleeping in cars for the next day or so....pretty fukin crazy.

p.s. Ya...I am Italian



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Fat squared

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Bacon lube....

Crock pot for your car...

Roasted Chicken cell phone charm....

....no lies.


I want jackets made from blow-up dolls

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31-year old Utrecht-based designer Sander Reijgers modifies track jackets with parts from blow-up dolls to make them mad sexy. It's about time!

Twitter out - Flutter in

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I hate twitter...I like flutter.


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Officially no hope for me


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Word on the street is that they are remaking the movie IT (based on Stephen King book). Supposedly making it even darker, and more like the book.

I watched this movie when I was like 8 and it creeped the shit out of me. Scariest clown ever.

Check the old trailer.

Back to summer

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Last day of THIS forever!!Going to be doing some serious amount of THIS tonight....


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So I decided to get a tattoo of my favourite gum brand.....Stride.

Candy (from Perfect Image) did a dope job...have a peek


It was for an ad I was making for Stride gum...their tag line is 'The Rediculously Long Lasting Gum"......amazing concept huh?

Props to Nikki for the photog.