Sorry I'm Late

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Here's another sweet stop-motion video. I still couldn't imagine how hard it would be to actually do one of these.

Iphone work of art

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I came across this group of iPhone owners who have managed to break their screens...but in their desperate fight to be able to continue saying "I have an Iphone", they tape it up and continue using it....and the funny part is they still seem to work!

There is now a flickr group dedicated to those who have smashed their iphone screens and created a work of art. Check it out..... Look I taped my iPhone!

I have already gone through 2 iPhones...1 lost, 1 software problem....I'm guessing third times a charm and mine will be added to this gallery soon enough.  Check back for updates.

Cap-Sack > Fanny Pack

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Who the hell needs a fanny pack when you can have a Cap-Sac??...and where the heck were these while I was growing up.

....mine's in the mail.

Air Conditioner

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Umm...yup it's summer. What better represents summer fun than this?

Air Conditioner by Veronica Belmont.

Propane propane...time to start the flame

4:22 PM 0 Comments's so dumb but makes me laugh just thinking about it. I gotta share this the clip and sing along.


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4 years... some drinking... and $60 g's later...I finally get my piece of paper.

Amazing Bombing blackbird attacks

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This blackbird keeps bombing on people that pass by its area in San Fran.

Check it out


Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion

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Protect yourself during all those wonderful activities you will be doing this summer. Imagine how many more activities you could do if you wore this suntan lotion.

FYI....this is real. Will Ferrell is doing this as a charity project....all proceeds being donated to help fight Cancer.

Look it up and buy some, mine is in the mail.