Nina Simone

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You should know who Nina Simone is. This female sweats heart & soul.

The first song (Sinnerman) is my favourite. Oddly enough there is a connection to the 'Son of Man' painting (I like) that I posted about earlier....since this song was the theme song used in 'The Thomas Crown Affair"...where Pierce Brosnan steals that very painting....weird...coincidence??

If you don't know you do. You should definitely recognize her songs.

The last one is serious.

Sixth sense

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Watch this vid...the whole thing. So pumped for the future.


Never have I ever...done so much work

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3 days left!......last push till I'm done undergraduate....but I've never had so many projects all due at the same time.

4 days -> 1 meeting ->3 powerpoint decks -> 1 drunken night -> 4 presentations -> 2 papers -> 1 exam = HONORS BUS. ADMIN DEGREE.

Need to be done and done. fuck


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....someone call PETA??

Ja! Red Baron

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Finally....I recently found a contender that may temporarily replace Pabst Blue Ribbon from my life.....and its Red Baron.It's a nice blond beer....and like most things blond, it's tasty and cheap! Plus its Canadian.

So who cares if its name is the same of that of the infamous German 'Red Baron' pilot of WWI...who was the most successful ace chomping out at least 80 kills to our allies. In the end he was murked by a Canadian - Arthur we win!

Strike 1 Obama - Special Olympics

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Obama slip of the tongue.....accidentally takes a stab at Special Olympics.

Its kinda bad...but shit he's human...I could easily say the same thing.

At least he called and apologized to the President of the Special Olympics the next day......good recovery El Presidente



Stop Motion Videos

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Stop motion videos are nice...but they must be the biggest bitch to produce.

Here's a pretty sweet one that I came across....happens to be a music video (song isn't too bad either).

Enjoy or die.


Son of Mac...

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I'm a bit of a Mac hater....but I like this.

But only because I love the real Son of Man painting.

Detective Bob....Episode 2

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After many grueling hours and dozens of phone calls....the cabbie has been interviewed by his supervisor...but he still denies involvement.

Finally, as of 2 hrs ago, after I presented all my findings to the police over the phone...they sent someone over to meet with me. After meeting with one of London's Finest, the Police are officially involved and there is now an investigation! ha

I won't know till later next week if he finds anything.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode children.


Detective Bob....

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So on St.Patty's day (early next morning) I take a cab home.....after I get dropped off I realize I left my iPhone in the cab.

I call the phone off the hook and nobody answers. I call shitty About Town and tell them to track the asshole down - cuz I had the car number from my credit card receipt. They never call back.

I spend the next 24 hrs calling them over and over, calling the cops 3 times, called Rogers like 5 times.....and slowly busy putting the pieces together. Got into fights with all groups....cuz they keep sending me back and forth.

So I find out the asshole who has my phone has been using data like crazy....obviously surfing Youtube....all during the wee hours of the night. Early this morning the dick actually makes an outbound call!!!! But Rogers kept trying to tell me they couldn't give the number he called for privacy reasons. But finally after I get transferred like three times cuz I wouldn't let up, this cool dude is like "'s your's the number they called..."

Ends up the number they called WAS THE NUMBER FOR ABOUT TOWN! Funny this hour before that call was made....I called About Town and made them call the driver to ask if he had the phone.

I'm guessing he is starting to feel the heat...and probably is beginning to crack. Or it could be a huge coincidence....but I doubt it.

So now I get a hold of the supervisor at About Town.....he seems on my side cuz I've put all the pieces together and even he see's it's probly the driver.....and is gonna lay some heat on the driver tomorrow.

Hopefully this bastard gives in....and I get my phone back.



Pretty bird

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Since my bird (named 'Bird') died when I was like 12... I've really wanted to pick up a new one.

I have had my eye on one of these bad boys for a while...just waiting for the right time.

SXWS (South by South West)

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I'll admit...I'm not a huge concert go'er, but after hearing about the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas I am really pissed that I didn't have more time to figure a way to make it out there.

It is a beast of a show...lasting 5 days and spread out all over the city. There has got to be thousands of acts, coming from all over the world...big and small...and a lot of them are amazing.

A lot of the artists I've been listening to as of lately are going to be there. Including Glasvegas, Von Bondies, Matt & Kim, Fight Like Apes, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, N.A.S.A, Andrew Bird, Boyz Noize, DJ Calvin Harris ....and even some locals like Shad and Keys 'N Krates are playing.

Check out the full's rediculous. It starts in a couple days...and I'm tempted to just book it out there.


Nasty...but it works

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So I'm sick as shit....walking down the hallway to class....and I take a sip out of my Buckley's bottle - and I hear some chick scauff to her friend, "Ewww....did you see that guy drinking a bottle of Buckley's!"

1) Clearly I wasn't downing the whole bottle...idiot
2) What the F does it matter how I ingest my Buckley's?
3) Your stupid

I wanted to stop and say read the label bitch...'It tastes awful...and it works'....but I was late for class...and I think she was in one of my other classes.

Buckley's is officially the only medicine that works for me....everything else is a farce.


Hot or Cold...decide mother bitch

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There's only one thing I hate more than cold weather...and it's when it gets warm....and then goes back to being f'in cold again.

When warmer weather starts to creep in...everybody is a 'lil happier, the layers of clothing start shedding, the skirts come out, and obviously i'm getting pumped for the patio's to start opening. Then all of a sudden the next day its -10 degrees and I'm back to my winter jacket, snotty nose, and scraping the frost off my beater car......balls.

Pick a day to get warm, and don't look back mother nature.....get off the fucking fence.

Hey did you miss this asshole?

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Nothing beats mom's good 'ol fashioned homemade fish assholes.....

.....but I can't wait to get my hands on some 'Manhattan Style' Fish Assholes to compare....


Who the hell needs an Andy Warhol Cambell soup piece when you can have an authentic Fish Asshole?

Looks like you missed the boat on this one, eh Andy?

Dark Was The Night

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If you haven't heard of this album you'll be happy you have now. Check out the widget on the right side of the blog and listen to a few songs on the album --------------------------->

It's a 2 disc charity album (launched Feb 16, 2009) stacked with amazing artists that put together 31 exclusive tracks to be sold to benefit the Red Hot Organization – an international charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for HIV and AIDS through popular culture.

The album is's different...mellow....but awesome.

Check out the lineup at and purchase.


Skinny vs Obese

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I always hear people chirping on how terrible the modeling world is for promoting super skinniness, and it's really beginning to annoy me.

Perhaps people should focus the hate on half the continent that is overweight and obese.

I'm not one to promote anorexia or anything like that...but honestly how about focusing on criticizing and finding solutions for the fat asses who can't even scratch their asses.

What seems worse to you?


It's even starting to creep its way into our pets for f sakes......

Moral of the less North America.

Birthing of a blog

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Like all of the best ideas in this world...i.e. toilets, q-tips, and muffin tops......during a drunken escapade I decided I should start a blog.

Weeks later...a Bob's Thots is born.