Super 'W"

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If I were Batman...these would be my shades.

Might see me in these next summer.



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Some people say I look like these people...don't really see it.


Infamous Jeffrey Dahmer (this one creeps me the fuck out!)

Coldplay's Chris Martin (dunno)

Johnny Lewis (apparently he was on the OC - some betty's brought it out at party - no idea)


Fly Art

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Why not use dead flies to make some funny art. I like.


Bob's Apology Protocol

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Since I am a business man now...if I ever make you mad...this is how I process my apologies.

What king of person are you?

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Optimism vs Pessimism. I'd like to be optimisim...but I tend to be pessimism. I'll change now.

Simpson Playboy

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Everyone's favourite mom, everyone's favourite magazine. It fits.

Playboy assisted with the Simpson's 20th anniversary with a revealing spread of Marge.

Bon Iver takes a break....shit!

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Super pissed to hear this.

After touring the world behind his breakthrough LP For Emma, Forever Ago, and follow-up EP Blood Bank, Justin Vernon is putting the breaks on Bon Iver in order to regroup. According to a recent post on his website, the performance at Milwaukee's Riverside Theatre on October 11 was Bon Iver's "last show for the foreseeable future."

"Wrapping up a meteor is a difficult proposition," the post said, adding that this would be the band's final gig "before taking a well-deserved break from public performance."

Thanks for the update Pitchfork.


Highschool drunk...I miss.

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This guy is completely skunked at 10am.


Dirty Projectors - TV Debut

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I like these guys a lot. Their most recent album Bitte Orca has been on my repeat list for a while now and im still lovin' it. Glad to see they made it on TV, and i'm sure we'll see more of them now.

Crying blood? Vampire... I think so.

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The essence of Seinfeld in one picture

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Thought this was amazing.

Premier: Volcano Choir : Island IS

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Bon Iver mastermind, Justin Vernon has a new side project with his 'favourite' Wisconsin band, Collections of Colonies of Bee's. Called Volcano Choir, the new group's music is definitely more on the experimental side of things.

Here is their recent release of their first track, Island IS, from the upcoming Volcano Choir LP, Unmap due out September 22.




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Bansky is an amazing artist and I am obsessed with his work. Everything from street art, canvas, and gallery work.

If your soul has not been blessed yet to see his better check his website to see some stuff.

Here are a few of my fav's

Fleet Foxes

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While I was in Montreal this week, I was lucky enough to get tickets to a show that one my favourite bands was playing, Fleet Foxes.

I thought they were amazing before, but seeing how good they were live makes me like them even more. They sound 100% exactly the same live as on their album, even better...I was blown away. One of the best live bands around right now.

Here's a clip from one of the songs they played at the show I was at. See for yourself.

And another one just for fun....

Holy bike suit Batman!

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Take a look at this replica Batman motorcycle suit. It's an exact replica of Christian Bale's Batman suit in The Dark Night.

I don't own a bike, but I would buy one just to rock one of these. Or maybe ill just buy the suit and walk around in it pretending I have a bike.

Either way, it's pretty epic.

Baby smoker....nuts

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Probably the craziest thing I have ever seen.

Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the move (IN HD)

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Dirty Projectors are very nice...and so is their new album Bitte Orca.

Sorry I'm Late

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Here's another sweet stop-motion video. I still couldn't imagine how hard it would be to actually do one of these.

Iphone work of art

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I came across this group of iPhone owners who have managed to break their screens...but in their desperate fight to be able to continue saying "I have an Iphone", they tape it up and continue using it....and the funny part is they still seem to work!

There is now a flickr group dedicated to those who have smashed their iphone screens and created a work of art. Check it out..... Look I taped my iPhone!

I have already gone through 2 iPhones...1 lost, 1 software problem....I'm guessing third times a charm and mine will be added to this gallery soon enough.  Check back for updates.

Cap-Sack > Fanny Pack

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Who the hell needs a fanny pack when you can have a Cap-Sac??...and where the heck were these while I was growing up.

....mine's in the mail.

Air Conditioner

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Umm...yup it's summer. What better represents summer fun than this?

Air Conditioner by Veronica Belmont.

Propane propane...time to start the flame

4:22 PM 0 Comments's so dumb but makes me laugh just thinking about it. I gotta share this the clip and sing along.


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4 years... some drinking... and $60 g's later...I finally get my piece of paper.

Amazing Bombing blackbird attacks

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This blackbird keeps bombing on people that pass by its area in San Fran.

Check it out


Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion

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Protect yourself during all those wonderful activities you will be doing this summer. Imagine how many more activities you could do if you wore this suntan lotion.

FYI....this is real. Will Ferrell is doing this as a charity project....all proceeds being donated to help fight Cancer.

Look it up and buy some, mine is in the mail.


Supra - TK Society

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Supra TK, super nice, super high.

Black perfs as winter kicks?....maybe.


Simpsons theme - a capella

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Doesn't get much better than this.

Confirmed : Megan Fox is BISEXUAL

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I didn't think Megan Fox could get any hotter...but she has done it...she admitted she's bi!

Guys now you know even your girlfriend has a better shot at getting with Fox than you do....


Ludwig Van The Man

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So Chris from Ludwig Clothing ( shot us the link to a video of a dope little event they held not too long ago.

Thinking outside the box, Ludwig is sponsoring a talented artist Otto Ehling tying perfectly to the more grown up side of streetwear they are selling.

Check out the video, and hit the website. These guys are a force to be wreckoned with!


Fuck Swine...stick with Bovine

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Don't eat this.

Because of this.
So instead, eat this.


Matt & Kim : Lessons Learned

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Matt & Kim vid new vid....strippin down in NYC.

p.s. Kim kinda looks like a man in this...woof.

Wild Bill...

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Meet Wild Bill.

But his name is actually Mike...and this is what he does when he gets wasted (off 4 beers).

Get help Bill (Mike).

Official start of spring/summer/good times....

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No weatherman needed. Vans with no socks is all you need to see to know good times are coming....

Dark was the night LIVE!

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So you may have read my post a while ago about how amazing the album 'Dark was the night' is, and heard a few teasers on the widget on the right hand side ------->

Anyways...super pumped cuz I just found out (a little late) they are doing a live show in NYC (Radio City Music Hall) on May 3! bahh

A bunch of the stacked artists on the album will be performing: Feist, The National, Grizzly Bear, My Brightest Diamond, Bon Iver, David Byrne, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Dirty Projectors and Dave Sitek. They are going to play the songs from the album, but will also perform some collaborations which should be super nice.

By coincidence I was already planning to be in NYC for May 4....I'm definitely gonna try to push that up so I can make this!!!

Pumped! Anyone joiners?


Symphonie Fantastique

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One of my favourite minutes in classical....turn speakers loud, skip to 2:50 and listen until 5:00.....super evil and chilling, its great.

Definitely my theme song if I were a killer.

Intense sports

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Most intense sporting finale ever...especially cuz of the music.

Smolik @ Echelon

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Smolik show at Echelon...check the live mural. Amazing...dude is super talented.

Lykki Li + Bon Iver Live in LA

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Two of the best right now...amazing

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A from Lykke Li on Vimeo.


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Bruce lee does ping pong w/Nunchucks

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I thought Forest Gump was good at ping pong....but Bruce Lee takes it..

Type Nesting

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Do birds have a favourite font? Check Type Nesting...

Fill in the blanks

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This is what my schedule looks like for summer:











....long story short...if your going somewhere good over me and i'll join.


never enough Shuggie

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So summer...


Shitquake in Italy

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So you probably heard about the earthquake in Italy...turns out it was really close to wear my fam lives...and where my house is!! (star is where it thing is my house)

My house is like a 40 min drive away from where the epicenter of the quake was...and we didn't really know if it was felt in my town. And these houses are all old rickety stone houses from like 300 years ago...pretty shaky.

Turns out everyone's cool...but my cousin told me they are sleeping in cars for the next day or so....pretty fukin crazy.

p.s. Ya...I am Italian



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Fat squared

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Bacon lube....

Crock pot for your car...

Roasted Chicken cell phone charm.... lies.


I want jackets made from blow-up dolls

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31-year old Utrecht-based designer Sander Reijgers modifies track jackets with parts from blow-up dolls to make them mad sexy. It's about time!

Twitter out - Flutter in

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I hate twitter...I like flutter.


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Officially no hope for me


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Word on the street is that they are remaking the movie IT (based on Stephen King book). Supposedly making it even darker, and more like the book.

I watched this movie when I was like 8 and it creeped the shit out of me. Scariest clown ever.

Check the old trailer.

Back to summer

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Last day of THIS forever!!Going to be doing some serious amount of THIS tonight....