Supra - TK Society

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Supra TK, super nice, super high.

Black perfs as winter kicks?....maybe.


Simpsons theme - a capella

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Doesn't get much better than this.

Confirmed : Megan Fox is BISEXUAL

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I didn't think Megan Fox could get any hotter...but she has done it...she admitted she's bi!

Guys now you know even your girlfriend has a better shot at getting with Fox than you do....


Ludwig Van The Man

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So Chris from Ludwig Clothing ( shot us the link to a video of a dope little event they held not too long ago.

Thinking outside the box, Ludwig is sponsoring a talented artist Otto Ehling tying perfectly to the more grown up side of streetwear they are selling.

Check out the video, and hit the website. These guys are a force to be wreckoned with!