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Some people say I look like these people...don't really see it.


Infamous Jeffrey Dahmer (this one creeps me the fuck out!)

Coldplay's Chris Martin (dunno)

Johnny Lewis (apparently he was on the OC - some betty's brought it out at party - no idea)


Fly Art

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Why not use dead flies to make some funny art. I like.


Bob's Apology Protocol

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Since I am a business man now...if I ever make you mad...this is how I process my apologies.

What king of person are you?

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Optimism vs Pessimism. I'd like to be optimisim...but I tend to be pessimism. I'll change now.

Simpson Playboy

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Everyone's favourite mom, everyone's favourite magazine. It fits.

Playboy assisted with the Simpson's 20th anniversary with a revealing spread of Marge.

Bon Iver takes a break....shit!

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Super pissed to hear this.

After touring the world behind his breakthrough LP For Emma, Forever Ago, and follow-up EP Blood Bank, Justin Vernon is putting the breaks on Bon Iver in order to regroup. According to a recent post on his website, the performance at Milwaukee's Riverside Theatre on October 11 was Bon Iver's "last show for the foreseeable future."

"Wrapping up a meteor is a difficult proposition," the post said, adding that this would be the band's final gig "before taking a well-deserved break from public performance."

Thanks for the update Pitchfork.


Highschool drunk...I miss.

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This guy is completely skunked at 10am.