Detective Bob....

11:44 AM

So on St.Patty's day (early next morning) I take a cab home.....after I get dropped off I realize I left my iPhone in the cab.

I call the phone off the hook and nobody answers. I call shitty About Town and tell them to track the asshole down - cuz I had the car number from my credit card receipt. They never call back.

I spend the next 24 hrs calling them over and over, calling the cops 3 times, called Rogers like 5 times.....and slowly busy putting the pieces together. Got into fights with all groups....cuz they keep sending me back and forth.

So I find out the asshole who has my phone has been using data like crazy....obviously surfing Youtube....all during the wee hours of the night. Early this morning the dick actually makes an outbound call!!!! But Rogers kept trying to tell me they couldn't give the number he called for privacy reasons. But finally after I get transferred like three times cuz I wouldn't let up, this cool dude is like "'s your's the number they called..."

Ends up the number they called WAS THE NUMBER FOR ABOUT TOWN! Funny this hour before that call was made....I called About Town and made them call the driver to ask if he had the phone.

I'm guessing he is starting to feel the heat...and probably is beginning to crack. Or it could be a huge coincidence....but I doubt it.

So now I get a hold of the supervisor at About Town.....he seems on my side cuz I've put all the pieces together and even he see's it's probly the driver.....and is gonna lay some heat on the driver tomorrow.

Hopefully this bastard gives in....and I get my phone back.




KING said...

if it makes you feel any better the crackberry has died..

boss said...

moral of the story....dont be a retard