The essence of Seinfeld in one picture

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Thought this was amazing.

Premier: Volcano Choir : Island IS

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Bon Iver mastermind, Justin Vernon has a new side project with his 'favourite' Wisconsin band, Collections of Colonies of Bee's. Called Volcano Choir, the new group's music is definitely more on the experimental side of things.

Here is their recent release of their first track, Island IS, from the upcoming Volcano Choir LP, Unmap due out September 22.




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Bansky is an amazing artist and I am obsessed with his work. Everything from street art, canvas, and gallery work.

If your soul has not been blessed yet to see his better check his website to see some stuff.

Here are a few of my fav's

Fleet Foxes

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While I was in Montreal this week, I was lucky enough to get tickets to a show that one my favourite bands was playing, Fleet Foxes.

I thought they were amazing before, but seeing how good they were live makes me like them even more. They sound 100% exactly the same live as on their album, even better...I was blown away. One of the best live bands around right now.

Here's a clip from one of the songs they played at the show I was at. See for yourself.

And another one just for fun....